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I would like to provide my fellow Sword both the True and would be True who claim loyalty to the same. The information gathered below is from several sources. Some have not been confirmed but all has been relayed for the education of our kind and so others more knowledgeable then I might offer their own ideas on the situation.

1. The Cainites as far north as Seattle have not been touched by the Curse. But a individual who traveled there while under the Curse...still felt it's effects.

2. Some have embraced Shovelheads for their own personally needs...and they've received the effects of the curse after a week within Port Royal.

3. The effects are various as our clans. Each clan is effected in a different way. Some much more graphically then other.

  • It may be unrelated but I and several others think it's just another form of influence by this mysterious Curse and the likely "entity" that causes it. But people have been having phantom combats with creatures of their past or their desires. But after the conflict is resolved the "phantoms" vanish with no evidence of their existence.

Any and All information, ideas and the like are well received..for the Sword.

-Ductus Bellator, Noddist...

I was given a report by Brother Timothy Blackreach and Recruit Cooper Blacklow.

Apparently several nights ago a strange activity happened. A massive storm rolled into Port Royal in a small area. The Cainite's on the scene took sanctuary in a apartment building. Upon entry the occupants of the apartment began to act under the influence of another..attacking one another and in unison saying Up. Atop the Apartment was a blood covered woman who floated in the air. But she vanished before any further interaction could be achieved. The apartments humans all killed themselves.

In my research I have heard of Malkavians threatening to turn a city mad.....but this is something different I am certain. Anyone who can discover any knowledge in regards to this event....please support the Sword.


The video is shown from Stillborn's POV. It's him lookinging into an appartment, on the top floor, through an already broken window. Inside is a little girl, covered in blood. She's looks directly at Stillborn, with an odd smile. Suddenly she opens her mouth to mouth one word, which the walls seem to echo... UP. Then the camera rushes forward, at the little girl. Quickly a spiked fist lunges forward, hitting the girl as she attempts to dodge, but the fist, the arm, it goes right through the ghostly body and she's unharmed. But soon the movement stops and the two are in conversation. However, the voice, Stillborn's voice seems changed... It's somewhat childlike in tone. Part curious, part scared and part confused as fuck.

The gist of the conversation... She's just woke up and is really hungry. Her name is Marie. She's scared. Someone is hunting her. A man. He brought the Curse. She can't stop him. But Mama can, maybe. They talk a bit more, but those are the important details.

Near the end of the conversation, Marie hoovers up from the ground, reaching to to Stillborn and her arm rests there. (Out of the cameras sight, but her hand is on his shoulder.) Suddenly she turns her head to look at the door and says... "Your friends are at the door."

With that, the door opens, a group of Recruits appear and she fades away and the thunderstorm stops. Video cuts.

Next in the package is a still picture of a beautiful hooden homeless man who's face is obfuscated by the hood.

Finally Stillborn speaks...

The man in the picture is a comrade of Marie and follower of "Mama". He appeared to me later that night, trying to recruit me. But of course, my devotion to the First Murderer is too strong and he left as soon as he noticed this.

They claim the man hunting them has brought the Curse upon us. That their Mama can possibly stop it. But this can't be allowed to happen, not by their hands.

From what my sources say, these are possibly agents of the Crone. Mama herself, could be the Crone. The Ancient enemy of our Father.

The man hunting her, the one they claim to have brought down the Curse... my sources have pointed at it being one of two figures. Either a loyal Grandchilde of Caine. Or Caine himself.

Why has Caine Cursed us? This is mere speculation, but it could be that we have a traitor in our midst. One that is working for the Crone and against our Father. So by association we have displeased the Father.

It is also likely that the Curse is from the Crone. Either way, the Curse will end with the Crone's death and us proving our devotion to the First Murderer.

- Brother Stillborn of Seven, Unifier.

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Observations based on the findings and studies of the Events:

  • No Cainite of less than Methuselah age would be capable of causing such wide-spread and profound effects across the Clans.
  • The event has striking similarities, perhaps links even, to the events of 1999, when the Ravnos Eldest woke.
  • Though unlikely, it is possible that the entity is not cainite, a magi or infernal entity of great enough power may also wield sufficient power to create such things, no possibility should be overlooked until further evidence is gathered.
  • The original epicenter of the Curse's effects are Van Buren Island, and we have found that Cainites beyond our city have been unaffected. This leaves one inclined to believe that while an ancient Cainite may very well be the cause, it is unlikely that it is one so potent as an Antediluvian, whom as we have seen, affected the entirety of the world upon its waking. The threat of a Methuselah is great enough, however, to maintain as ardent a vigil as any would have for an Eldest, as its powers are equally as beyond our own capabilities in age and generation.

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